Glitter Pool Party Unicorn

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Ready to Press

This is a physical product NOT a digital download.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation transfer prints are for White or Light Color textiles with 50% or higher polyester count. The sublimation ink adheres to the polyester fibers and become permanent.  For the best results we recommend applying to 100% polyester. Sublimating on 50/50 will have a faded look. Many people use 50/50 product and love the results.

You can use our Ready to Press transfers for sublimated coated blanks such as mugs, signs, photo plates, license plates, plates, etc. Just be sure the substrate is ready for sublimation - then apply your favorite design!


Time and Temp

400 degrees for 60 seconds

Pressure needs to be high.



We recommend using a heat press. We like to put parchment paper, blank, transfer image, parchment paper, then a Teflon sheet in that order for pressing.

Processing time is 1-3 weeks for prints only.